Top 5 Tips While Playing US legal Online Poker

Right now online gambling is legal in 3 of the 52 states from US and the WSOP online poker room is legal in the state of Nevada and New Jersey. In case you are still new to playing online poker, as you’ve probably only played live poker so far, or you are new to all the concepts, then it makes perfect sense to find out a few tips that can help you have better chances of having a positive online gambling experience.

Ever since the UIGEA legislation was passed in 2006, there were many things unclear about gambling in United States. During that time there were many saying that gambling on the internet was illegal and the online poker falls into that. However now that the legislation has changed in some of the states online gambling started to become legal once again. The Las Vegas poker room is by far the most popular way you can play poker in United States at this moment. Before you start playing real money poker room, you must first make sure that the sites where you’re playing the games are legal. This means that you have to visit an official website from the gambling authority in the state where you are located and there you can find the up to date list with the sites that have received a license to offer online poker games.

While there are many differences between playing live poker and online poker, one of the things that will always stay the same is the rules of the game. There are many variation of poker, however the rules of the game will always stay the same.

You need to know the fact that not all online poker rooms are safe. This is very important for you and many of the sites that are able to accept US players and at the same time are not legitimate businesses that have a license in that state might provide you with many problems like rigged games, problems cashing out. In order to have a good peace of mind, it’s always best to stick to the online poker rooms that are available in your state and that have received a license.

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